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All our books (except legacy hardbacks) are stocked and sold worldwide through Amazon marketplaces.

Every book illustrated and described in our catalogues has a link to take buyers in the United Kingdom or in the United States of America
directly to the book product page on their own marketplace (www.amazon.co.uk or www.amazon.com).

Here will be found the book description, the "look inside" feature (to examine internal pages), purchase options (sometimes discounted)
and also options for Amazon Prime, expedited delivery or free delivery as desired.

Readers in the rest of the world
may copy the ISBN number of their book of choice, and paste it into the Book search box of their Amazon home marketplace,
to purchase the book in their local currency.

Our Publishing Enterprise
is located
adjacent to the stunning
Peak District National Park
in Derbyshire, England
TGR Renascent Books is a small publishing house founded in 2009 by
Gordon and Elizabeth Roberts

Website Copyright © TGR Renascent Books 2019
renascent - adj. Coming into
being again
from Latin renasci, to be
born again (OED)
Unique facsimiles of books on Astronomy, Medicine and Mathematics
originally published in the 16th century
(the Tudor period)
and the 17th century
(the Stuart period)
Creative reprints of books on
The Electric Telegraph
originally published in the 19th century
(the Victorian period)
Imaginative reprints of books on
Railway Signalling in the Steam Era
(originally published in the 20th century)

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